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Who are we?

We are an upcoming company in the FinTech, DeFi and Blockchain world. Our founder is Keany Vy KHUN, he imagined and developed the concept of BuyWithCrypto service. Our service is located in France and currently has a monopoly in the Blockchain sector.

FAQ BuyWithCrypto

What does BuyWithCrypto cost?

The features of the BuyWithCrypto service are completely free. You only pay transaction fees when you buy cryptocurrency.

We take care of the transaction and ensure the receipt of your package. In case of problems you are guaranteed according to the selected shop.

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I am a purchaser.

I am a seller.

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Which shops can I use?

This service is only for e-commerce shops. We focus on large marketplaces and well-known shops.


Do we have APIs?

We do not have any APIs available at the moment but development of these is ongoing. We are also thinking of creating a panel for developers.

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Meet the Team.

We have a productive team that can achieve the unachievable.

Keany Vy KHUN
Keany Vy Khun


Alexis HU
Alexis Hu


Marwane El-Jaafari

Partner & Sysadmin